1. Upon receipt of your new hair we highly recommend that you co-wash before you install. Shampoo & Condition the hair in a downward motion using cool water. If you would like to know what products are recommended or where to purchase the recommended products feel free to contact us.
  2. When washing the hair it is recommended to keep it in the rubber band and only squeeze water from hair in a downward motion.
  3. Use a wide tooth comb to gently comb from the tips of the hair up to the wefts while still wet. 
  4. DO NOT comb or brush dry curly or wavy hair!
  5. You should only wash your hair every 2 weeks using the same downward motion as you did with the co-washing. 
  6. We experience shedding with our natural hair so of course you should expect the same thing with your virgin extension, but shedding is minimal.
  7. It is recommended that you seal your wefts before you are to have it installed.
  8. GoldenTress highly recommends that you allow your hair to air dry. This process extends the longevity of your extensions.
  9.  To control frizz please use a pea sized amount of a frizz control product. 
  10. When curling or flat ironing your virgin hair ensure that your stylist only uses Ceramic heating tools! This is a must!
  11. Excessive heat on Virgin hair will cause dryness, heat damage and or breakage as it would to your own natural hair.
  12. For beautiful curls or waves without applying excessive heat, use flexi rods, or hair rollers. 
  13. Curly and Wavy can be Straighten with the proper tools and techniques! It
    is recommended that you have a licensed stylist help you to achieve
    these styles. 
  14. To maintain your hair while sleeping it is
    recommended that you wrap it for straight styles at night and place a
    satin bonnet to cover it. For curls and waves, twist or braid the hair
    and also apply a satim bonnet to cover your hair.   
  15. DO NOT use products that contain sulfate or alcohol. 
  16. DO NOT use oily product on the hair, they tend to weigh the hair down. If you curl your hair and your curl continue to drop easily this may be due to the amount of product you have in your hair.
  17. DO NOT sleep on wet hair!!! **EVER**